Next Generation Learning Health System
for Multiple Sclerosis (Next-Gen MS)

Our Aim: To study the effect of using feed-forward Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) used at the point of care to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes for people with multiple sclerosis.

The Next Generation Learning Health System for Multiple Sclerosis (Next-Gen MS) study is the first prospective hybrid improvement-implementation multicenter cluster randomized research study for multiple sclerosis using “feed-forward” Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) to better inform the point of care. The Next-Gen MS study is a registry-enabled learning health system (LHS) informed by the MS LINK national outcomes study with an independent data analytics center managed by a partnership with the OM1 data analytics group.  A standard improvement approach supported by professional improvement coaching will be used to help sites randomized to intervention effectively implement the feed-forward PRO study intervention effectively implement to study intervention.  Eight major multiple sclerosis care centers will participate in the study and follow a minimum of 2,000 persons with MS longitudinally over three years.  We hypothesize that sites receiving the feed-forward PRO intervention will achieve better population health outcomes (quality of life and disability progression) compared to usual care.  The Next-Gen MS study is inspired and informed by previous work by the MS-CQI research collaborative and prior studies using feed-forward PROs in rheumatoid arthritis and oncology.

Principal Investigator:

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Mission Statement

To examine different methods of improving care quality at four Multiple Sclerosis Centers in the United States, with the goal of helping guide larger efforts to improve care at a larger scale in the future.  We exist to improve MS care quality, value, and outcomes for people with MS. 

Meet the Team

A lot of times we tend to forget that the people behind the research are actually humans too. We want to make sure you get to know us for who we are.


Our participating clinic sites are more than just a clinic; they are composed of people that care. Their staff strive, in and out of the office, to make patients’ lives better.

Study Partners

Every collaboration begins with an idea, yet it takes resources to make them happen. Our partners have generously provided the resources to create MS-CQI.

Current Research

Being diagnosed with MS can be scary but it doesn’t mean you are alone. With over 700 people enrolled in our study, we’ve found out that many of them (78%*) feel confident in controlling and managing most of their health problems. Feeling good about yourself and your treatment options are one of many reasons we would like to share our findings. 

Becca Laurion (middle) at MuckFest May 19, 2018

For Current Patients

With help from current MS-CQI participants like Becca Laurion, we’ve created multiple resources to make participating a smooth and easy process.